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Josimar Gomes is a very versatile musical artist, model & emcee incorporating touches of jazz, funk, soul & electronic sounds into his own music. His influences come from several personal experiences & different observations. With every song, he tries to create in-depth perspectives of his environment, growth & social issues. Having his own voice heard is his goal & thus lets his listeners get involved with his story to make them look at life from a different perspective.


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After dropping out the music school he attended, he started working on his solo career in early 2016 with the release of the video for “MIRRORS“. Photographers started noticing his very unique style & this resulted in doing shoots for brands such as Snipes & FreshcottonJosimar Gomes also started emceeing in the beginning of 2016, hosting parties such as The Couch. After his very own gig on the 22nd of September at Bird Rotterdam, he decided to keep pursuing music & thus the beginning of his first solo EP came into the works.

Josimar Gomes first started out somewhere in 2014 with the formation called Shot in the Zoo (with Rasheed Vlijter) & they released a mixtape together called “Heathens” – a mixtape with a very weird distinctive but different sound. This mixtape essentially paved the way for a small tour including 12 venues throughout their hometown Rotterdam with a nice highlight: opening up for Rico & A.R.T.



“A modern day romance. With all these digital distractions, how do we really connect in this day & age?”

Check out the video for ‘MILLENNIALS’, soon on Spotify!



“A song about taking off, new beginnings & leaving old habits behind.”

Check out the video or listen to ‘DEPARTURE’ on Spotify:



“I live life through my own telescope.”

Featuring On The Fence.

Produced by Youp.

Visuals by Infrared.

Check out the video or listen to ‘SCOPES’ on Spotify:



“Self reflection is probably one of the most important tools to self improvement. Due to trial & error, one could always reflect upon their past decisions & actions & try to pinpoint the flaws within them. Just so you can learn & grow from them. It’s as if you’re looking a bit closer in the mirror each & every day.”

Music by Josimar Gomes, Tammo Deuling, Marlon Pichel & Brenn Luiten.

Visuals by Midhat Avdagic, Lucas Flaton, Sebastiaan van Seventer, Daniel Doeleman & Julia Marino.

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Check out the video or listen to ‘MIRRORS’ on Soundcloud: